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You can read and hear it more times. I’m lactose intolerant! I have a fructose allergy! I have a histamine intolerance! I’m autoimmun! I am suffering on a irritable colon! Some people might think that an epidemic had broken out. The truth, however, is that there are not much more allergies or intolerances than before. Nowadays they can only be better determined by different tests. In addition, today’s people have become more health-conscious than they have been years ago. I would never have thought that I would ever belong to the “sufferers.” In retrospect, I can only conclude that I have in fact developed a series of allergies and intolerances. Many of those born in childhood, such as eczema, asthma or house dust allergy, are thankfully disappearing after successful treatment. New adults have been added in the adult age.

The difference between allergy and intolerance

You might guess that it is almost the same. From a purely medical point of view, however, there is a difference. In case of intolerance, there is not always an overreaction of the immune system behind it. By a typical allergy there is not formed  enough antibodies. Therefore, as soon as an allergy sufferers have something to which they are allergic, the defense system runs on high-speed trips due to a faulty control. An allergy sufferer must therefore pay close attention to what he eats, so as not to run the risk of getting into a (potentially) life-threatening situation. In the case of incompatibility, however, there is no faulty control of the immune system. The body reacts to certain products because it lacks an enzyme such as a lactose intolerance. Many people lack the enzyme lactase, which splits milk sugar and makes it usable for the body. If the body can not use certain products, this leads to discomfort.

Food is a choice, but incompatibilities are a pain!

Never give up your health


I had already told you in a post how much I suffered from the incompatibilities. So I watched very closely. It is best to have an extra diary. There must really be every meal and every drink. Do not forget the ingredients of meals (spices, additives, minerals etc). You can also start very simple. This means eating the first day rice waffles and drinking water. If nothing happens, the next day bread and butter are added. Always add a product. If one reacts suddenly to the product or to two of them. Must this seperat again be tested. If one reacts to bread, it is most likely the gluten. However, the additives can also be used. This can be found as well. This is, of course, all a lot of work. But that is just for your health.


It has to hold out. Many give up after a few weeks or months. You have to really get together to regain your health. Many factors have to be taken into account in cases of intolerance and allergies. Nor can one be discouraged because no success is achieved. But every day you do not have to deal with incompatibilities is already a success! If you lack motivation or hope, write your motivation goals and attach them, for example, to the refrigerator. Prohibited are sayings like “I’ll never be healthy!” Or “That’s how I have to live with that!” So you demotivate yourself, because you do not believe in it. Not only do you have to fight hard, but you must never give up the hope and faith. You know the saying “Faith can move mountains”.

Good doctors

For many a vexing subject. I can also understand the displeasure, because I often went the same way. For years you can go from one doctor to another. There are countless diagnoses and treatments as well. Helping in the long run had nothing to do, because you only treated the symptoms. But the cause must be made, which triggers an intolerance or allegory. If I have learned one, do not only trust the pure school medicine, which works hand in hand with the pharmaceutical industries and health insurance companies. For me, I decided to let myself be treated by school doctors, who are also knowledgeable in medical science. Why can you read here in my post kinesiology. Since I was helped for the first time, I am convinced of this combination. I can only recommend to everyone to get multiple opinions from different doctors.

The intolerance test

Various tests are available to detect intolerances or allergies. But some tests are not 100% safe. If you take a test and nothing is found, you should investigate further. Finally, you want to get rid of your discomfort. As long as you do not know exactly why the body reacts to certain products, it continues to lead the eating diary. Even with me is not yet everything has been found. This is, of course, because first of all my tapeworm and the other parasites had to be removed. These have contributed to my incompatibilities. Only soon, when my stomach and bowel have “calmed”, I can tackle an intolerance test.

More by chance, my friend has learned from his doctor that his complaints are also due to incompatibilities. I had told him for a long time that something was not “normal” and he should have it examined by a specialist. He had also been with many schoolmates. Whenever he described his problems, he was not taken seriously. That made me really angry. I knew it myself. It was even unheard of that doctors and people from the environment turned this into an imagination. As if you imagined nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps! In addition, one recognizes very well at the skin color, the gum, the eyes and the tongue, whether someone “sickly” acts. Such a thing has even been proven and yet one is not taken seriously. So I am still very happy that I have come to the therapy. Dr.Tank was able to locate intolerances by testing with my friend. The blood group was also responsible for the complaints. An extensive list explains exactly which products can be eaten, which should be taken rather rarely and which should be avoided.

When it comes to solving the problem and keeping it healthy for a long time, it is completely the same whether you have to change your diet. We eat relatively healthy. For example, he has to remove wheat from his diet. This is not fierce, because we already knew this from our Fit for Vegan Challenge. The time will now show whether the “new conversion” is working. I will keep you up-to-date. By the way, I discovered an interesting blog, which also deals with the subject: Kochtrotz.

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